Monday, November 27, 2006

Luci Saves The Day

I'm too tired to write, but luckily I received a magnificent e-mail message today from my pal Luci. One of my favorite parts:
You know what I feel sometimes, Linda? I feel sometimes that I'm just like Eugene Onegin. I'm not authentic, I'm just a bunch of informations that I picked up from my readings. The trick is to calm myself down when I have this kind of realization. I pat myself in the back and say, "Ssshhh .... ssshhhh ... that's okay, Luci. You may not be authentically authentic, but authentically unauthentic." Oddly enough, it does calm me down. I guess it's just another way of telling myself to accept myself as whatever I am ... whether good or bad, whether admirable or reprehensible ... that's the real me. (Luci shrugs and grins).