Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Personal Relationship With Eddie

Some people say they have a personal relationship with God, and it makes me want to have one. But it's hard for me to feel intimate with somebody I have to call "God." I thought if I came up with a more personal name for God, it might make us closer. There are no other Eddie's in my life at this time, so I decided to call God "Eddie."

At first it seemed strange. I would say, "Eddie, please, please be with me and help me to think clearly before acting." When I barely escaped being hit by a car while running for the bus, I put my hand over my heart and whispered, "Thank you, Eddie, Oh thank you." Several times lately I've begged, "Eddie, as I get older, please never allow me to shuffle around the house instead of walking."

Today I was in the shower. All at once the shower curtain rod lost its grip and started sliding down the wall. As it crashed to the floor on top of the shower curtain and water went everywhere, I shouted, "OH EDDIE, please–NO!"

I know that Emmy and John, who were working outside, probably wondered.