Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meeting Sally

I finally get to meet the love of my life (creatively speaking, that is) and I forget to take a photo. Sally and I had planned to meet at FarmerBrown this morning. We ran into each other outside in the rain. She saw me first from across the street because she recognized my green jacket with fake fur. I had been on the lookout for her red hat, but even though it was raining she wasn't wearing it.

She's such a comfortable person to be with that I had the feeling I had known her for a long time. A bright, easy-going, matter-of-fact old pal. We talked about everything and nothing. But you're wondering what we had to eat. I started out with a spicy Bloody Mary (A+). Then moved on to pancakes with maple syrup, fried potatoes, bacon, fried chicken–with granola and yogurt on the side for good health. Halfway through the pancakes I switched to coffee, which was good. After the waitress came by 2 or 3 times to ask if we were still working on that, we threw in the towel and let her take our plates. Then I had a piece of chocolate cake and Sally had red velvet.

It was kind of dark in the restaurant, and when we were through working on our cake and walked outside, it was raining. I'm thinking the darkness and rain might be one reason I forgot the photo. Sally pointed me in the right direction to the parking garage, and we parted. Walking up the steps to my car–that's when it hit me that we hadn't taken a photo. I almost turned around and ran back, only I'm sure I would have run in the wrong direction. So I'm posting instead a picture from an old funny paper that Sally brought me. It pretty much sums up our experience.