Saturday, February 13, 2010


My dad has come back just for one night–to spend one more night with my mom. In the morning he's gone. Mom isn't here either. I go in to make the bed. I don't usually like flowery things at all, but in the dream I've bought a beautiful new set of sheets with flowers printed on them to put on the bed. It's a really complex pattern that I've never seen before. I'm about to pull back the sheet. Suddenly I wonder if they've made love, and if I'll be able to see any traces. I unwrap the new sheets, and it turns out it wasn't a set of sheets at all–just a top sheet. I'm a little disappointed.

I remembered this dream after reading Jean Gonick's post about missing her parents. Unlike her, I haven't entered the Village of Grief. And I realized when I was talking to Kristen at lunch that I was still speaking about Mom in the present tense.