Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mom's Birthday

Aggles, Mom, me in 2008: Our last Christmas together (Clare's beautiful cabin)

Subject: Italian Cream Cake
From: Linda
Date: January 29, 2012 12:07:56 PM PST
To: Aggles

Aggle, today is Mom's birthday. Are you making Italian cream cake? Or are you still eating that cranberry pie?

What are you doing?

Speaking of Mom kinds-of-things: Aggle, you know when I told you about those Pond's face wipes? The lavender ones are HORRIBLE. But the citrus/cucumber ones are still great.

Subject: Re: Italian Cream Cake
From: Aggles
Date: January 29, 2012 4:37:26 PM PST
To: Linda

To celebrate Mom's birthday I went to the big RV show and thought about re-doing the Grand Western Tour.  Only this time it would be done right 'cuz I'd do it in an RV and not stupid tent camping!  Hahahahahaha!

Italian Cream Cake sounds wonderful. Maybe I should make that tomorrow while I ogle the RV brochures.

Noted about the lavender face wipes - this is important camping information.

I love your blog watercolor.  Thought it odd that someone (I forget who) asked if it were tangible or digital - then you said it was DIGITAL!  Oh my - digital watercoloring. What will they think of next?

How are you?


(One time Aggles and Mom went on a cross-country camping trip together. Can you imagine?)