Sunday, January 01, 2012

Coded Message: Happy New Year?

detail from Coded Message: Invisible Ink copyright © Sonia King 2011

What do you think it says? To see the whole message you must go here!

I met Sonia a year and a half ago and have never gotten over it. On New Years Day I jumped at the chance to return to her home to see her and to meet some of her friends. Gina drove, so I didn't have to worry about getting lost or our car window exploding like it did right before Sonia's party last year.

Sonia and Gina

You won't believe this. I even got to meet Sonia's mom, Sherri King. I had just seen some mosaics that Sherri had made on Sonia's website. There was one in particular that I was crazy about, called Marrakesh, so I told her how much I liked that one. She smiled and said, "Go into the bedroom and look right by the bed." She pointed around the corner. I went in and found the light switch. Guess what was sitting right by the bed? That very mosaic (shown below).

Marrakesh by Sherri King / Sherri in the studio (photos from Sonia's site).