Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Invasion of the Beach Glass

Remember the Invasion of the Jellyfish? Remember the Invasion of the Sand Dollars? Last night it was the invasion of the beach glass.

And we almost didn't go at all yesterday afternoon–it was freezing and raining a little. Soon as we got to the edge of the ocean, there were areas of cracked shell and stone that looked like this (I had to take a picture for you):

Actually there were not many blue pieces at all. Usually the areas of broken shell and rock are a mile or two down the beach. I always hear that the best time to find glass is low tide–and this was high tide!

The only frustrating thing was that it got dark fast. Tom walked on, but I didn't even leave the area between Balboa and Cabrillo. When he came back, I was still crouched down, picking up pieces in the dark with my frozen right hand.

As you may have noticed, to me there's something so elementally powerful and exciting about finding these treasures that come out of the ocean. They're like tokens out of a dream. (Tom says "dump," I say "dream.").