Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Bookish Creatures

Gina invited me to lunch to help celebrate her smash hit book.

In front of Pizzeria Delfina, she laid her cards on the table. She said she was going to order so many things that she was afraid there wouldn't be room for all the plates. She did, too. So just to be polite, I followed suit.

Here are some of the things we ordered: one pizza with scallions, guanciale, an egg, and pecorino; another pizza with house-cured lardo, cipolline, tomato and arugula; a citrus and walnut salad with fennel; grilled marinated brussels sprouts with ricotta crostino; a sardine special; spicy cauliflower with garlic, capers and Calabrian chilies; wine and cappuccino.

A couple of hours later we staggered out and agreed that it wouldn't hurt to go for a walk. We decided to meet back at my house. I wanted to show her the Coastal Trail. When Gina appeared at the door, what did she have in her hand but a huge bag from Tartine Bakery full of brownies for me and gluten-free treats (for Tom).

Do you like her? I do.

One of the oddest things happened. While we were walking on the Coastal Trail, she said, "I think we got married somewhere around here. Is this Land's End?" As we got closer to the Eagles' Nest, which is Tom's and my destination when we hit the trail, I said, "Do you think this might be the place?" She didn't think so at first, because they had approached the spot from Sea Cliff. But as soon as we got there she said, "This is the place!" And it was. It was the very place where she and Dr. Goat had tied the knot.

Gina at the very place where she and the doctor tied the knot.