Thursday, December 31, 2009


This is Tom's and my Christmas present to ourselves. Stick your phone in the top and dance! Or you can hook up any other kind of sound machine that may not sound so great on its own.

Finally we can dispense with the tons and tons of dusty black stereo equipment from ages past.

Here's my 10 for 2010 New Year's Playlist, made up of songs I can't stop listening to.

1. Soul Cake / Sting
2. I'll Take You There / Rebeca Mauleon
3. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight / Bob Dylan
4. Big Bad Handsome Man / Imelda May
5. Baby Lee / John Lee Hooker & Robert Cray
6. I Lost My Nature / Dave's True Story
7. Seven Steps / Cassandra Wilson
8. Sweet Home Cookin' Man / Karrin Allyson
9. Pi / Hard N Phirm
10. Love and Happiness / Al Green

What songs are you playing over and over and over?