Thursday, December 10, 2009

Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?

I thought I was going to have to move out. A door separates my studio from Tom's. Even though the door is closed, all kinds of noise blasts out from under it. I can't even work with my own music in the background. (Can you?) Symphonies and talk shows pour from his studio. I hear one phone conversation after another and sometimes it sounds as if Tom's yelling into the phone.

I've tried white noise machines. Heaters. Fans.

I was sure my problem was solved when I discovered an app called Ambiance that I could download for free. I tried Ocean Flow, Waterfall Splashing, Inside A Quiet Train, Walking In Snow, Pink Noise, Cat Purr, Sauna. In deranged desperation I tried WWII Battlefield. I couldn't take it! Any sound at all was driving me crazy.

Then Saturday I saw this gorgeous hearing aid in the paper shaped like a tiny triangle. It came in 15 different colors and not really, but I almost wanted to be deaf so I could wear one of those hearing aids (neon green). But only when I absolutely had to use my ears.

I had a brainstorm. Noise-canceling headphones! I did some research and ordered these. I knew exactly when they arrived this afternoon. The UPS guy slung the box up onto our porch: THUMP! They're made by Audio-Technica and they're half the price of Bose. They come with a tiny AAA battery that somehow simply cancels noise out. They also come with all kinds of detachable cables in case you want to listen to sounds.