Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 19

Anne had a couple of pieces in this show that opened Saturday night at the stained glass studio. I could not get near her paintings to take photos. But she so disliked the last photo I took of her posing by her paintings at the Tiny show that she refuses to pose by her paintings ever again.

Two special treats:
1. Diana Mangano (above), vocalist with the Jefferson Starship, sang classical music at half time. Rumor has it that opera was her main interest when she tried to enroll in a singing arts school back east. She wasn't accepted because she doesn't read music. So what does she do? She auditions for the Jefferson Starship and ends up performing with them for 13 years (just quit last year). She began the set with Ave Maria. It was amazing to hear her "other" voice.

2. Tasty provisions that never dwindled–though it was hard to stake out a permanent post by the table–and a reservoir of good red wine that didn't run dry.

Two more special treats:
Me in a dress (with snow jacket on top) and the always elegant Anne.