Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meeting Ryan

Today I met Ryan, whose Facebook Graffiti I admire. (She did the one above, called House of the Mouse.) She gave me a lesson in drawing with one finger. She wore green nail polish on her fingernails and red polish on her toenails. She has one loose tooth.

That's Ryan, above. I got to go in her room and look around. It has one yellow wall, one pink wall, one green wall, and one blue wall. She has 40 or 50 horses and she told me each one's name.

I was glad to meet her mom, Kristin, too (on the left). Kristin and I had met over the internet through Mary Ann (middle), but we had never met in person before today. Mary Ann chauffeured me down to Half Moon Bay and we had a great afternoon which included playing with cats, Mexican lunch, kite-flying and presents.