Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Won. I WON!

illustration © Lisa Horstman

From Oh, my lard.:
What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to present the winner of The Squawking Matilda Centre Halloween Story Contest with her very own puppet illustration of her wonderful story? Linda, your artwork print, signed copy of Squawking Matilda, and Annie Oakely Action Figure are on their way to you in San Francisco!

p.s. That's me in the illustration above. I'm cutting my sister's hair. Yes, on top of winning a signed copy of Squawking Matilda and the Annie Oaklely Action Figure (which I might send to Sally), Lisa created my very own puppet illustration to go with the story. Go here to see how Lisa creates one of these illustrations. But don't expect her to make one for you too. Oh yes, and you can read my prize-winning first place story here.