Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Cautionary Tale

Say you receive a box of the finest chocolate in the mail. You try one or two pieces just out of curiosity because you're not really the candy type–you're more the beer-and-chips type. But you study the little diagram and you're intrigued. You try another one. You've never heard of anything like these concoctions.

Soon you've sampled each different kind and you know which ones are the best. You eat a couple more of those.

In bed that night you're ill. You wonder if it would be immoral to throw the rest of the candy away in the middle of the night. But this is expensive candy! And others will enjoy it so much–and you don't want to deprive others of pleasure. In the morning you have an idea. You put the box in a giant zip-lock bag and ask your husband–beg your husband–to hide the box. Somewhere where you'll never find it. He complies.

The next day you change your mind. You've recovered and you want just a bite before lunch as an appetite suppressant.

Your husband refuses to retrieve the candy for you. What should you do? Should you be grateful or should you be livid? You thought you were the beer-and-chips type, not the candy type. But now it's Halloween and you've come to know yourself better. You realize that you're definitely the candy type.


To celebrate Halloween we went to the Jewish Community Center and heard R. Crumb talk about his new illustrated Book of Genesis.