Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray

I'm almost finished with my book illustrations. I've been so apprehensive about the pictures lately, being that my new Epson printer doesn't come even close to emulating a 4-color press. And I didn't want to spend $35 per page for match proofs ($1,120).

I waited til this morning to foray out into the world for prints. My heart racing, I jumped in the rental truck and trundled down to Kinko's in the misty morning fog. I knew Kinko's has that great Xerox printer–but I'm never sure what condition I'll find it in.

Joseph grabbed the disk out of my hand and we did some test prints using different settings. He didn't charge for the tests. We zeroed right in on the proper setting.

In case you're wondering why those shoes are in the picture, he told me to go to Ross Dress for Less and to come back in 15 minutes. It took me 5 minutes walk over to Ross, 5 minutes to find the shoes and try them on ($14.99), and 5 minutes to walk back to Kinko's. The prints were ready.

I'm thrilled. Now I'll go through the prints and choose the best colors for walls, floors, sky, etc. I made the colors a bit different on every page so I'd have a range to choose from. I'll make them consistent and then finish up the details for each picture.