Saturday, August 01, 2009

Dr. Perricone Continued

Every night I e-mail Mom a Presto. I send a picture and write a line or two. Last night I decided to send her the "after" photo (see post below) of my face from Dr. Perricone's 3-Day Nutritional Facelift Diet. What do you think? I asked her in the e-mail.

This afternoon she called at 1:00.

Mom: Honey, is it morning or evening?

Me: Let's see. Your time, it's a little after 4:00 in the afternoon, so that means you have another hour til dinner, and then it will be evening.

Mom: I'm upset because I've lost about 50 papers, the ones that come through that little machine.

Me: The Prestos?

Mom: Yes! The Prestos. They've disappeared.

Me: I'm sure they'll turn up. Hey, did you get the one I sent you last night? The photo of my face after the facelift diet?

Mom: I believe I did. Let me go check and see. You won't go away? ... I don't know what to do with the receiver!

Me: Oh, just throw it down on the couch. I'll wait for you. (I hear her throw it down!)

5 minutes later: Honey? Are you still there? I found the paper. It says: Ink Low Alert. We've noticed that your Printing Mailbox is running low on ink. August first. Is today August first?

Me: Yes. Today is August 1st. So what do you think of the photo?

Mom: Well it's not a good photo.

Me: NOT A GOOD PHOTO?! What do you mean it's not a good photo?

Mom: The light is behind you instead of beside you. Your face is almost in a shadow.

Curses, foiled again!