Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aggles!

I knew Aggles would be spending her birthday weekend in Chattanooga. So I made sure to send a box of little gifts to Mom's for her to open. I wrapped them in paper that I had made from Facebook Graffiti creatures.

Mom had been worrying about Margaret's birthday for weeks so I had told her to expect the box, and it arrived Thursday. I sent Aggles my creatures t-shirt sample, a Japanese comic blank book, two pink moleskin notebooks, a kids' book, a candy necklace, some pens, and other silly things.

My phone rang this evening.

Aggles: I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful wrapping paper.

Me: Oh, you liked it? You already unwrapped the presents?

Aggles: No, I didn't unwrap them. But the paper is fantastic.

Me: What do you mean you didn't unwrap them?

Aggles: They were already unwrapped.

Me: Oh no! Oh God. Did Mom unwrap them?

Aggles: I don't know. All I saw was the wrapping paper with my name written all over it. You know how Mom always saves wrapping paper.

Me: Ha! ha! Did you like the presents?

Aggles: I didn't see any presents.

Me: Aggles. You have got to be kidding me.

Aggles: No! But the wrapping paper was displayed all over the apartment. I'm really hoping you didn't send anything valuable.

Me: (in shock) ... No ... but ... well, let's see .. I sent you a t-shirt with creatures on it...

Aggles: OK, I saw that hanging in Mom's closet...

I listed the other things I had sent and Aggles hadn't seen any of them.

Soon as I hung up from Aggles I called Mom.

Me: Mom! Hi! How are you? Did you and Aggles have fun today?

Mom: Oh yes. She drove me all over North Chattanooga and we saw some lovely scenery. The only thing I feel strange about is that I came to the realization today that Aggles and Margaret are the same person. I wish I had known that years ago.