Friday, July 03, 2009

Wash and Dry

Here are two things that went through the washer and dryer this week:

1. My earbuds–the standard ones that come with i-pods and phones from Apple–earbuds that everyone including me complains about, because they don't fit any human ear.

2. A precious pair of Bjørn Borg underwear.

The earbuds, which were in my jeans pocket, survived not only the wash and rinse cycle perfectly fine–they also emerged unscathed from the dryer (only one setting: Blast Furnace). Music sounds as wonderful as ever, and both the mic and the off/on switch work without a hiccup.

The underwear is another story, but I have a plan. Tomorrow I'm going down the street to the Bridge to see the movie Food, Inc. I'm going to buy a large popcorn, because I figure it will be the last bag of popcorn I ever buy after seeing this movie. (I usually finish my popcorn before the feature starts anyway.) After seeing Food, Inc. I'm sure I will never want to eat food again, and the xxxSmall underwear will work fine, too.