Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Me Nutella, You ?

cookie by Mari Pheiffer

From: Mari
To: Linda

Did you notice?
Marilyn's back. Yeah! Love her. I found you through her.

Have an okay day.
~ mari

From: Linda
To: Mary

I didn't know you found me through Marilyn! I know you and she were friends before I found either of you. I love it that you're using iWeb--I've been so curious about it.

xxxxx's & ooooo's,

From: Mari
To: Linda

I can't remember exactly how we "met." But Marilyn was the connector. That chick has a big heart. OMG. Love her. She's like butta.
You're like Nutella. And I LOVE Nutella.

hugs, mari


I love Mari's cookies and I love the way Mari compares people to food. As well as being a supremely talented baker, Mari is a writer. Her new blog is The M Report.

What foods are your friends like? At dinner I asked Tom what food I was most like.

Tom: Is this a trick question?

Me: No.

Tom: Raspberries. They're beautiful. And there's nothing else like them. (He had had a glass of wine at this point.)

I told him he was caramel corn.