Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Friend

At an inauguration party back in January, I saw this woman across the room. She had a great haircut and wore running shoes. Rays of life emanated from her. I wanted to get to know her.

But slow person that I am, it took me six months to cajol her into meeting me for lunch. Her name is Lucille Cuttler.

She moved here five years ago from New York. She's pushing with all her might to get a reading program for kids with dyslexia–one that works!–into the school system.

She's smart. She's charming. But how could she not be charming? Growing up during the depression, her father worked in a candy store. Her mother was a teacher, but preferred organizing poker games to teaching. Her husband Harry was a perfumer. (He invented Charlie; the last one he worked on was Giorgio.)

Lucille tutors little kids starting 4th grade who need an introduction to Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes - and has a great time making up games to play with them to help their learning. She's a member of the Y. What little spare time she has is spent in the art museums around town. She loves libraries, books, paintings ... As far as movies go, Jim Jarmusch is her newest discovery. I drove away from lunch exhilarated and overwhelmed.