Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pick a Color, Any Color

My credit card has a hernia. I didn't sign up for the spring writing class. But Jane asked me if I would substitute this week for a writer whose computer is in the shop. I was happy to; and if today's prompt (Pick a Color, Any Color) isn't absolutely on target, I don't know what is.

Color is my middle name, and here I am painting our bedroom and bathroom walls white. And the trim color? White. Super White, to be exact, from Creative Paint on Geary. Before I settled on Super White, I brought home 5 samples of different whites. You can buy little mini jars of paint samples for $3.00 apiece, and try out the white, in different light, until you get it right.

I bought Super White in eggshell finish for the walls, and in semi gloss for the trim and doors. I also bought a 3rd quart of high gloss for the bricks around our fireplace in–you guessed it–Super White.

My friend Anne did not want her business card printed on white stock. She does not like white because it shows dirt; and nothing looks worse than dingy white. But nothing looks better than clean white! I didn't say it aloud.

The first time our next door neighbor Emmy came over to visit, she looked at our white couch and demanded, Whose idea was THAT!!?? Meaning Tom must have chosen it, because a woman knows better.

We both chose it! So what if it needs a little spot cleaning at the moment. It can wait. It still looks great.

My summer-weight down jacket that I wear for walks on the beach is white. I always dread running into Anne–she and her dog often walk around the same time we do. The jacket is a Ross Dress For Less special and if I had only known what a perfect jacket it would turn out to be for $19.99, I would have bought 5 or 6. The cuffs and pockets are FILTHY!! I pick up all kinds of junk on the beach; and sometimes even jog in the jacket, and it is a white wreck. Even though I can throw it in the machine, it's still a mess. And I know Anne eyes it with disdain.

But today let's hear it for white! Diapers! Notebook paper! Converse tennis shoes! Pristine white that lives a good life.

p.s. I ran into Anne on the beach today. I was wearing my white jacket. I was humiliated; I had been collecting sand samples for Luci's son who is doing a science experiment and my white jacket had never been filthier.

p.p.s. Stray, your jar of bright yellow hair color goes in the mail tomorrow.