Friday, May 15, 2009

Colorful Friday

If you live in the Richmond like I do–or Seacliff, Western Addition, Pacific Heights, Laurel Heights, or the Presidio–you can visit the new Academy of Science Museum today, tomorrow, and Sunday for free. (Otherwise it would be 50 bucks for two). 

The fish are magnificent! I turned off my flash and shot these through the glass.

And another colorful thing happened. A FedEx envelope arrived this afternoon. Inside was a pair of Bjorn Børg underwear. This is the best underwear in the world. When Barbara went to Holland at Christmas time, they were all the rage there and she sent me a pair. By mistake, Tom put that pair in the dryer on Blast Furnace and they turned into size extra-small. Extra-small isn't my size. So I begged Barbara for a size extra-large for my birthday, which is May 31st in case anyone is wondering.

Apparently Barbara's little sister Carla read my wish on Facebook. She sent Barbara a birthday present–Barbara's birthday is May 3rd–and included an extra pair of Bjorn Børg underwear in Barbara's birthday present for me. Do you believe this little sister Carla???