Sunday, May 17, 2009

Keds: $6.99

This morning when Tom took a stack of videos back to Blockbusters, I ran upstairs to Ross. Look what I found! I wore them all over the store to make sure they were comfortable while I looked at towels and sunglasses and kitchen knives.

Then I stopped by the bathroom because we had decided we were heading straight to the Coastal Trail.

That's when I noticed I didn't have my purse. I had no idea how long I'd been without it. I saw a security guy and grabbed him; then I ran past all the cashiers, none of whom had had it turned in.

What was in it? $105.00 in cash, my phone, my camera, my keys on the martian key chain Barbara gave me 5 years ago, a $50 parking meter card with $41 left on it, a $65 Neiman Marcus gift card from an underwear gift that didn't work out (unlike the Bjorn Borg), my drivers license, my credit cards, my lucky beaded bug from Sally.

I remembered putting it down over in the shoes a while back, so I fought my way though the aisles to the little trying-on stools with the built-in mirrors. There it was, sitting in plain view on top of the stool where I had tried on my Keds. Everything was in it.

Last year I accompanied Anne to the Apple Store to stand beside her while she bought her first computer, CS software, Wacom tablet, etc. Suddenly I realized that I had put my purse down somewhere in the store while checking my e-mail–and that it may have been hours ago. (We were there all morning.) An Apple employee went back to check the stock room, and found that it had been turned in. Everything was in it that should have been.

I can no longer carry a purse; I can't stretch my luck anymore. I hate purses anyway. I need to figure out another way to carry things. Does anyone have a good solution?