Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wee & Me & oh yeah, Anne Lamott

That's Wee on the left, my magnificent 2nd cousin. She lives in Portland where she's a freshman at Louis & Clark. It's spring break and she's in town. It turns out Wee and me are both crazy about Anne Lamott, who just happened to be giving a reading this evening.

When we first walked in I stopped to buy a book. Wee whispered in my ear: Who's your very favorite writer of all time?

: My very favorite?

Wee: Yes. If you could only choose one. Who would it be?

Me: Oh Gosh. Names lit up and swirled around in my head: Raymond Carver, Nikolai Gogol, Alice Munro–but none outshone the others. I'll have to think about that. What about you? Who's your very favorite writer of all time?

Wee: I'd have to say it's Anne Lamott.

If Wee had asked you, what would you have said?