Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thank You, Marilyn

Today I'm in a good mood so I'm going to post a million things. Later I'll announce the winner of the official Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day sleeping mask.

I'm a political numb skull. Any sentence involving politics usually goes in one ear and flies right out the other. If I do make an effort to listen to a political conversation, it's coming from my mom, who has dementia; my smart second cousin Wee; or my internet buddy Marilyn. Marilyn posted 2 links yesterday that may have been responsible for starting up my good mood. From Marilyn's blog:

(If you didn't see it, Marilyn's talking about Obama's speech of March 18 I encourage you to join the more than 3-1/2 million people who've watched "A More Perfect Union" on YouTube here.) Those of us who came of age in the early days of feminism (early 70's) have been seen to be disloyal to our sisterhood by not supporting Hillary Clinton. Today The Root posted an extraordinary letter written by Alice Walker that so beautifully puts that into perspective. I encourage you to read it here.

Anne Lamott always has political things to say. Here's one thing she said the other night that stuck: Poor people usually fare better under a Democratic administration. That sounds fair to me, even though of course I want to be rich rich rich.