Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hello I Must Be Going

This is my new shirt. Anne passed it down to me because it didn't fit her any more. I like it. I took this photo for her.

I haven't been out of my studio since Monday, so I began thinking of the shirt as my prison uniform. As I've mentioned before, I sometimes daydream about going to jail.

Things I like about being imprisoned in my studio:

1. I can't go outside and exercise because I don't have time. You might get the impression that I like to go outside and jog. But I'd much rather sit in front of my computer and never budge. Maybe have a glass of wine. Eat a giant falafel sandwich, skip the eggplant, extra potatoes. If the potatoes are rolled up in the sandwich they don't count as fries. And then you're allowed to dip the sandwich in ketchup.

2. I don't have to think about anything disturbing because I don't have time.

3. I don't have to pay bills, because I don't have time.

4. I don't have to do laundry because I don't have time.

5. I don't have to pull weeds because I don't have time.

Sadly, I have to draw this post to a close because I've been released and it's low tide.