Friday, October 26, 2007

My Neighborhood

I haven't been able to jog lately, so I thought I would go east instead of west and show you around my neighborhood. We can walk to our movie theater. It's called the Balboa, though when we first moved here the first three letters on the neon sign were burned out, so to us it's always been known as the Boa.

We saw The Jane Austen Book Club this evening. I enjoyed it! When you walk out of the movie and look across the street, here's what you see. You can usually buy homemade tamales for $1.50 apiece at the market on the left–they make their own sauce too–but they were out of the tamales by the time we got there tonight. So we came home and had leftover pizza from last night's foray to The Pizza Place on Noriega. We had it for breakfast–well, I did–and lunch, too.