Saturday, October 13, 2007

Maps and Me

I read about Sally Cruikshank's love of maps and decided to post a map of my own. I made this map when we moved from Tennessee to California.

As I commented on Sally's blog: I was born without a sense of direction. I don't find maps entertaining at all; I find them crucial to my survival. I went to a book reading last night. In order to get there I had to pore over a map, go over directions with Tom, then write the directions down in magic marker on a big piece of paper to keep on the seat beside me. At every red light I consulted the map again. After the book reading I had to study the map for 10 minutes to try to figure out how to get home. I turned the map this way and that and finally I gave up. I eventually made it home OK, but by that time Tom was fast asleep.

I've always been really nervous around maps because I can't understand them; but favorite map book is by Sara Fanelli. It's called My Map Book and includes a map of her dog, her bedroom, and one of her stomach.