Sunday, October 21, 2007

Conversation With Mom

Mom: I'm not doing so well. I shouldn't have gone to that concert last night. It just lasted too long. We were gone for hours.

Me: You went to a concert! What was it?

Mom: It was some kind of green- ... green-something music. The people in the audience just ate it up. They were so enthusiastic.

Me: They were so enthusiastic. I guess that means you weren't so enthusiastic.

Mom: Nnnnnnnnno ... I wasn't. I don't know why.

Me: hmmm ... Was it folk music? Country music?

Mom: Sort of.
Say! I wanted to thank you for that photograph you sent me. The one from the farmers' market. Do they allow dogs at the farmers' market there?

(I have to think a minute): No. I don't think they do.

Mom: Well, they don't anymore at the one here either. And it's a shame. Everyone enjoyed the dogs, the children especially. But there were complaints. Some said the dogs misbehaved. Some folks just don't realize that dogs aren't the same kind of people we are. Say, do you think you and Tom will get a dog?

Later I realized the kind of music Mom was trying to think of was bluegrass music, and she confirmed it.