Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Little Art Direction Never Hurts

photo by Mya

A nice thing happened on our last day at the Outer Banks. Kari, Mya's mom, asked me if I would photograph her and Mya and James that evening out on the dunes. Since I don't cook and I'm fearful of grocery shopping, it made me feel good to be able to contribute something. Unfortunately the sky was overcast so we didn't get that nice golden glow when the sun is low–but it was fun anyway. Almost everyone got in on it. I came back with about 200 shots from that evening that I haven't had a chance look at closely, but there was one I couldn't wait to see. When I was finished taking pictures, Mya asked Tom and me to pose for her. Talk about art direction! We stood on the deck–but she ordered us to sit down. She positioned our arms just so. Then she picked up my camera and took the photo above.