Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, Oochie

I love getting email from Oochie. Here's one from yesterday. Don't you wish you had someone like Oochie to write to you?

From: Oochie
Subject: #1
Date: July 2, 2007 2:27:16 PM PDT
To: linda

Deer Linda,

I’m going to write little installment of letters. There are too many little stories here and there, and I just can’t find the time to tie them all together into one cohesive mail. Then again, when did I ever stick to one subject?

My mom and aunty Rose are flying back home today. I shall miss them terribly. Tonight when I go to work, there will be nobody waiting for me downstairs to bid me goodbye and good night. Since aunty Rose and my mom are avid watcher of TV shows with morbid news, I will hear no parting like this, “Drive safely. Don’t speed. And be careful, there’s a rapist out there.” Not quite the sort of comforting thing to hear when one had to walk from the parking structure, crossed the street, crossed another parking structure before one got into her work place. But, their cute sleepy faces, and vigorous waves made up for it.

My mom and aunty Rose liked the drawings I made for them. They did not take them home though. Probably because they thought those pictures were my decoration ... Well, they don’t have place for those pictures anyways. They had lots of luggage and not even a tiny flea could fit in them.

I notice I’ve already begun to let myself “go.” I’m wearing my comfortable tattered t-shirt and my hair is not combed. And, goodness me, did I lather some cream on my face today?

My mom is very big on skin preservation. On Monday she said to me, “Take good care of your skin. Don’t laugh, it’s not funny. It’s very serious.” On Tuesday she warned me, “It (putting lotion) is not something that you should neglect. Once the damage is done, there is nothing you can do to undo it.” On Wednesday she reminded me, “Did you put cream on your face? Do not neglect your neck. And, especially, your hands. Smooth face and neck do not go with wrinkly hands.” On Thursday she advised me, “Don’t be stingy with skin care. Spend your money to buy the best one.” My mom may go to ten different stores just to get something for $10 cheaper. But, skin care product is sacred. It’s okay to splurge there. Without people like my mom (and my sister), the lotion industry will go to dust. Maybe I should look into that Avon catalog that some lady named Theresa always leave on my mailbox. On Friday, my mom informed me, “You need something better than Olay.” And here I thought I was being classy, lathering the pricey Olay on my face before her. I tossed the Avon catalog. On Saturday, my mom pulled me to the side, and basically told me that I was not a spring chicken anymore and I could not continue to abuse my skin any longer. “It will start to show!”

Sigh, nature has cursed me with skin that doesn’t yield zit easily. I could have eaten all the junk foods, and do not wash my face, and my skin will not be pimply. Unfortunately this life of ease caused me to never learn about skin care. Nor care about it. I’m like a cow girl --- without the cow part. Oh, and, without the outdoors part either.

Oh, door bell rang. I'll stop now. Will continue later.


I had to know what Luci's mom uses, so I could use it too. I begged Luci to email her mom right away and ask. In case you're curious:

Forwarded from: Oochie
Subject: mucho cream-o
Date: July 3, 2007 7:44:01 PM PDT
To: linda

Dearest Luci,
I just use regular Loreal or Oil of Olay cleansing cream and lotion after cleaning the face, to economize. But for day cream, I use Dior moisturizing cream with spf and the nite cream and the serum. I also use Dior. Hope this helps. BTW, who is Linda? Is it aunty Lydia's friend? So, what are you planning to do on your birthday to celebrate?
Love, Mom

PS Don't forget to use the eye cream too, I used Dior, Estee Lauder or Biotherm.