Monday, January 15, 2007


© Linda Davick
I was nervous going out for my jog this evening. My sister had taken Mom to the neurosurgeon this afternoon and I hadn't heard from them. I had my phone with me, but wanted to get outside and escape for an hour.

As it turns out, they waited all afternoon at his office because her x-rays had been lost. When the film turned up, the doctor told Mom that she had a small growth–but that he didn't want to operate. She would come back in six weeks for another MRI, and they would keep an eye on things.

We've known that Mom's been needing more care. Today Robin called and said that she had found somebody really good. A person named Rose. If Mom and Rose take to each other, Rose might end up being Mom's assistant. The first thing I asked was: "Does Rose have a car?" When I was told that she did, I was thrilled.

When Mom moved into the Terrace, we made her stop driving. One of the hardest things for her aside from the move itself, has been feeling stuck. Why didn't any of us think of finding a "driver" before? I think when Rose meets Mom for the first time, she should say: "OK, let's go! Where to?" and gradually move into helping her dress, bathe, do laundry, take medicine.