Saturday, January 06, 2007

Podiatrist vs Psychic

© Linda Davick

Today I went to On The Run on 9th Avenue. I needed some new running shoes. I've been having slight knee and heel problems–nothing serious. But I wanted to make sure I got the right kind of shoes, as opposed to buying the inexpensive stylish-looking ones at Nordstrom Rack. A podiatrist, Dr. Kemp, comes to the store every other Saturday. You can call and sign up for a time to talk to her, so I went in today at 11:10. I spent about an hour there, and came out wearing a dreary-looking pair of expensive running shoes along with Stable Spur inserts.

Dr. Kemp told me to stretch before jogging as well as after jogging, and to use ice after jogging. (No way.) She also said that if my heel is hurting right now, to rest it today. I said, "You mean, don't walk or jog today?" She said, "Yes. And maybe longer." (No way.)

As I was walking back to the car, I noticed a sign:

San Francisco Psychic Fair

Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Drop by for a free healing and/or a reading. Readings are on various topics ranging from relationships, spirit guides, money, family, career, pets, spiritual path etc. Readings are $12 each or $30 for 3.

Location: Golden Gate Park at the Hall of Flowers

The Hall of Flowers was right across Lincoln! I had never been to a fortune teller or a palm reader. And for once I had a roll of quarters. So I loaded up the meter, and walked across the street to the Psychic Fair.

First I had a free aura healing. I sat with my new running shoes flat on the floor, and hands unclasped. My healer said that I might feel a tingling sensation, or heat or cold or even anger. I did feel a tingling sensation in my hands, but I think it might have been because they were freezing. She stood to the side, then in front, and then in back, and kind of smoothed down my aura.

When I asked her what color my aura was, and she said that all healers would experience a different color, so it would depend on who I was asking. She seemed to be avoiding the question; I'm not sure she liked my aura. I noticed a guy set up in the corner who would photograph your aura, but it cost $12; and I had decided to spend my $12 ticket on a reading.

I walked over to a guide, who matched me up with a reader. Her name was Janet. I told Janet I wondered what she had to say about my relationships. She closed her eyes. She talked. She had lots of teeth. She opened her eyes about halfway through, and they were flashing blue. She said things that were true, and things that I didn't want to hear, and things that I loved hearing. She was very focused. There was a little boy who wouldn't quit slamming a toy metal car down on the floor over and over, and she simply ignored the noise.

The one thing I didn't like was that the guide who matched me up with the reader kept hanging around right outside the booth. There wasn't a door. I wanted to ask the reader things that I didn't want the guide to overhear. So when the guide would drift away, I would pipe up.

After my reading was through, Janet said,
"Now would you like me to leave you with a next step?"
"Yes!" I love it when people leave me with a next step.
"Your color now seems to be a blue. A bluish ... green. Does the ocean mean a lot to you?"
"Take a long walk by the ocean today and notice the way the clouds move and notice how the water moves."

Now I'm conflicted. The podiatrist says not to walk. The psychic says to take a long walk. What should I do? I think I'll listen to my stomach and have a hamburger.