Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lucky Starfish

Linda Davick

This evening I found a starfish! It was dark and foggy–I used my flash.

When I got home I had an e-mail from Georgia: I'm having a good one here - I was told today that I am a cancer survivor. I am free and clear of that disease. Hooray! I went out and celebrated with 1 sister and 1 sister in law/caretakers afterwards and had a wonderful lunch.

I e-mailed right back. I had to get straight to the heart of the matter: Where did you go for lunch and what did you have????

Her reply: We went to Restaurant Lulu on 4th and Folsom. We shared a pear, carmelized onion and cheese pizza, a chicken, delicata squash, mashed potato's and gnocchi. The waitress asked what we were celebrating and the restaurant ended up giving us free desserts. Yum. We rolled out of there.