Friday, January 26, 2007

Guest Writer

The E-mail of the Week Award goes to Luci, who is preparing to go to Denmark with her husband Lars and their son Christer to visit Lars' parents.

From: luci
Subject: a bushel and a peck
Date: January 26, 2007 3:59:50 PM PST
Dear Linda,
May all is well with you and your part of the world. How I miss writing to you. Life has been moving in a different spin with a faster speed, and I have been caught in its momentum. Funny how I always fancy myself as a flexible person, I think it is a misconception. Moving to the new rhythm was dizzying and once everything is settling down to its former beat, I am still disoriented and unable to synchronize myself to its tempo.

It will be a while before I find my bearing and re-adjust myself to my own self. What a riddle-like statement! No wonder I walk through life mostly confused and dazed.

By the way, inquisitive me want to know whether you and Tom are the very Linda and Tom that Ole were talking about? You mentioned about Norway as the country you furthest traveled. I read something about iPod being considered as illegal in Norway. Just in case you are thinking to travel there again, make sure you check whether you can bring your iPod or not.

We are planning to go to Denmark sometime this year. Since I don't own an iPod, I don't have to worry about such thing. But, I do have to worry about Christer's manner. Lars thinks that Christer is a bad mannered child, and that's what his parents would think too. When he first told me, I jokingly responded that his parents might ask us to stay at the nearby motel, he surprised me by saying yes they might do that if they couldn't stand Christer. Wow.

When I asked him what made Christer ill mannered in his eyes. This was the answer:
-he couldn't sit still for 2 minutes
-he couldn't listen without interrupting
-when told to do something, he didn't do it right away (especially when he deemed it “unreasonable” then he would ask why/argue/bargain first).

So, it is our most important project at the moment: to instill good manner on Christer. I personally do not think that he is a boorish child although he can be quite a pill some times. He is just like any typical 8 year old: he has selective hearing and testing how far can he go with his limits. I don't know whether because he is home schooled or it is his personality, but we cannot really intimidate him with dire consequences or stern authoritative admonishments. Sigh. I did that and ended up taking away most of his toys, and the imp found pleasures in sticks, stones, and bottle caps ... did not miss his toys at all! ...

It's true that the boy observes everything, argues like a seasoned lawyer, and knows which button to push. So, we have quite a task ahead of us to make him want to be obedient and more accommodating for our trip since his Bedstemor and Bedstefar don't have high opinion for a highly opinionated child.

Let me confess: I think we need to save more money for this trip ... for the motel.

Okay, I'm going to send this e-mail now and go down stairs to check whether Christer made the avocado pie or not. If not I'll use the avocado for my salad or sandwich

Take care, Linda, and have a wonderful evening!
From: linda
Subject: Re: a bushel and a pickle
Date: January 26, 2007 7:01:08 PM PS

Luci, this is a priceless e-mail. Can I put it on my blog?

From: luci
Subject: the valiant one replies
Date: January 26, 2007 7:47:48 PM PST
I just ate Phad See Eww, so my tummy is filled and I am in a happy mood. Sure you may put the e-mail in your blog... eating Phad See Eww certainly can make a person very brave and ever so bold.