Friday, December 08, 2006

The Unexplained Explained

I just googled Gatorade Nutrition Facts. I found out why I gained 5 pounds yesterday, on the day I wasn't allowed to eat anything.

Gatorade Serving Size
12 fl oz
Calories per serving: 310

I drank 128 oz, for a total of 11 servings. That equals 3,410 calories–more than twice the calories I eat on a real food day.

Three good things:
1. It turns out I'm absolutely fine and there was no need for me to have spent enough money to buy a car on this test.
2. I woke up after the test immediately, so Tom didn't have a chance to question me under the influence of the truth serum.
3. Scott had us to dinner, so I didn't have to worry about lack of solids this evening. I made a masterful flourless chocolate cake to celebrate my hearty digestive system.
Scott, dinner last night was wonderful. But I think I ate too many potatoes.
(Tom took this photo of me when we got home.)
Have fun this evening...say hi to Gayle for us!
Thanks again for a great evening,

You sure you're just carrying potatoes?

Good time hanging out w/you...Thanks v.much for doing the dishes (making a return invite far more likely!)