Saturday, December 30, 2006

Everything Is Wrong

Our car broke down. Our dryer broke down. As you can see, I'm having to air-dry my new socks in the kitchen.

Everything may be wrong, but when you find one thing that's right in the middle of everything that's wrong, isn't it terrific?

I found these socks I loved at Ross Dress For Less. Foolishy, I bought only one pair. I liked them so much that I put them on as soon as I got in the car. When I took them off that night, I was still head over heels in love with them.

The next morning I wanted to wear them again; but the dryer had broken. I drove straight back to Ross Dress For Less. (This was before the tie rod snapped in two on the car.) I was stunned to find that no one had bought even one pair of my favorite socks in my absence. So I bought all the rest. And now, even though everything is still wrong, I feel grounded.