Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tom, Can I Have A LOT Of Wine?

Waterfall acted shocked when she found out that Tom was the one who had given me the mini-bottles of wine in the Guessing Game. Maybe she was just a sore loser, who knows. (Gosh, Waterfall! Of all the readers who took the challenge, you came in 2nd! That's pretty good!) But nonetheless, her advice was sound:

Tom gave you mini-bottles of wine? Next time, ask for "a LOT of wine" rather than "many bottles of wine." He'll be less likely to misunderstand you. :)

After reading her comment, I said: "Tom? Can I have a LOT of wine?" Sometimes all you have to do is ask. This evening Scott and Spots accompanied Tom to Weimax Wines & Spirits in Burlingame. Tom and Scott decided to buy a case of wine apiece. The only stipulation being that each bottle had to be under $10. Bob at Weimax helped them pick the bottles out. As I drink the wine, I'll review each bottle for you.