Friday, September 22, 2006

Lee lee the Psychic

You're feeling kind of blue, then your e-mail beeps, and you get a message like this from Lee lee:
Here's a spread from the book "I Can Fly." I bought because it reminds me of you. I keep thinking how much opportunity there must be for art (to hang on the walls, and for California, screened on canvas so it doesn't crash down on your kids in an earthquake) for kids' rooms out there. I don't find anything I really like, and nothing is big enough. Wouldn't this be adorable huge on a wall (illustrated by Mary Blair, copyright 1951).

Dear Lee lee: Yes! I worried about the same thing. Art crashing down on Tom and me during an earthquake. This picture is actually printed out from an Epson printer on paper, and folded around lightweight stretchers. When it falls off the wall, it won't give us a concussion.

And I thought it was funny because the picture you sent is so similar (in spirit & subject matter) to one that I recently finished. Only mine is more feline.

© Linda Davick