Monday, September 04, 2006

Gift of Elegance

Aggles flew back to Chattanooga with Mom today. She left this book for me. I turned to the chapter on "Shoes" right away. Here's what I learned:
With sports outfits, it is preferable to avoid high, slender heels and to choose medium, stacked, or even perfectly flat ones–provided that, with the latter, you do not wear a hat.
Why didn't somebody tell me? From now on, in the interest of elegance, I'll leave my baseball cap at home when I wear my sneakers.
On the other hand, black patent-leather pumps can be worn with almost everything...they harmonize with the colour of any outfit, including white, navy blue, and brown. They combine very well with a black alligator handbag, if you do not care for matching alligator shoes (which should, moreover, be worn only with a casual ensemble).
e-mail from Katy: I like it that you have the book on elegance---I ran across the original in a used book store last year and gave it to James. I enjoyed what I read of it in the store, but the jacket photo of the author convinced me that pursuing elegance, to the point of being an authority on elegance, had made her rather miserable. That, of course, increased the pleasure of the book.