Saturday, September 16, 2006

Another Superhero

Superhero Jewelry

I found Andrea Scher's tremendous Superhero Journal last night, and I've been reading it off and on all day. She makes jewelry and takes photos and writes and coaches. Here's an entry from March 30:

I was fascinated to discover from my friend Gene {who ordained as a Buddhist monk and lived in a monastery in Thailand for a year} something about monk life that I didn't know. What I did know is that it is customary for the monks to wake up every morning around 4am, collect their alms bowls and set out into the community to receive whatever offerings they get. Some rice here, some curry there, they graciously accept whatever they are given. What I found interesting is that the monks never actually ate what was placed in their bowls. They accepted it graciously, but had plenty of food back at the monastery. This tradition was kept alive for one reason and one reason alone- to give their community the experience of giving.

What do you think of this?

Andrea, I want to give you the experience of giving me one of your Superhero necklaces. Joy, to be precise. And I'll even pay you for it in order to give myself the experience of giving. (Or would that be taking?)