Friday, July 07, 2006

Summer Coat

Many of you have asked what my new summer coat is like. Well, one of you has. So let me know what you think, Barbara.

Two weeks ago Tom and I gave up on ever finishing The Man (even though it has my 2nd favorite actor, Eugene Levy, in it). It had to go back to Blockbuster. And when Tom enters Blockbuster, it's my duty to run upstairs to Ross Dress For Less to check on things.

A new shipment of coats had just arrived; this one was $19.99. I couldn't get over how perfect it was for summer. For 6 years, I had thought that wearing a coat in July was absurd, and refused to do it. This year I gave in, and because I did, I'm much happier leaving the house. I even was able to watch fireworks on Tuesday night.

Back to the coat. There were eight white mediums on the rack. I snapped one up, because I knew that in a day's time they would all be gone.

Yesterday we took High Fidelity back (an older movie starring my very favorite actor, Jack Black). When I found myself by the coats at Ross Dress For Less, I counted how many size mediums were left. Strange–there were seven. Let me know if you want one, and I'll snag it for you.

e-mail from Barbara: . . .Then we dropped Warren at the house and Larry and I went to have Starbucks, inside the Target store, where I bought a brown skirt to wear on Bess' memorial!!! It is actually a little too tight, but I can fudge it. I have not worn a skirt in 10 years!!! But I think Bess would like it, it's dark brown with 2 layers, a little over the knee (Isaac Mizrah), and of course I bought some brown shoes too, it was very cheap. So now I am taking the stairs all the time, because the skirt has to fit!!

e-mail from Barbara: This pc here at the hotel is a little strange. But I love your jacket, but most of all I love the shirt you are wearing underneath it, I wish I could have worn that on Bess' memorial. It goes with brown!