Monday, June 26, 2006

Special Occasion

Every time we lift a finger, our friend Scott gives us a bottle of wine. He gave us one each for carrying the platter of food from Ali Baba's. But every time I'm ready to open a bottle, Tom thinks we should wait for a special occasion. When will the special occasion ever come? Tonight! Why? Because it's foggy outside.

I set my new flip-flop in the shot to add some color, and to prove that I am capable of buying an elegant girls' shoe.

From megnut's site
David Lebovitz has a good post about food that's too good to use. I have a similar philosophy that I call "use the good stuff." . . . Anyway, I'd keep bottles of wine and treasure jars of jam for so long they'd be no good once I got around to using them. I decided life was too short and that it was important to use the good stuff. And now I do, mostly. I saved a beautiful birthday gift of 1989 Laurent-Perrier Champagne too long (no situation ever seemed good enough to justify its drinking) and when I opened it, it was passed and I was so sad. It was just the kick in the pants I needed to remember to use the good stuff.

Meg Hourihan is a "food enthusiast." In a past life she was an internet entrepreneuer and co-founder of Pyra Labs, the company that produced Blogger.