Sunday, June 04, 2006

International Arts & Crafts: A Review

Today we visited the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. The special exhibit there is International Arts & Crafts: William Morris to Frank Lloyd Wright. Skip it! It is completely brown and beige. Plus you have to pay an extra $5.00 to see it, on top of your ticket price. Save your five for a cappuccino in the cafe.
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There are plenty of other inspiring things to see:

The bathrooms are delightful. And currently there are two exhibits of art made by children. Paper mache animals, cloth animals. The giant poodle (below) is my favorite. Chris Colbert made the ceramic cup with the tree sprouting from it. "My Reeses Cup" is by Melissa Lau. The piece on the bottom right is too amazing to be true. A kimono with all kinds of yarn and cardboard and toys and beads and strange buttons and plastic things sewn on the front.