Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Heart Is Here

On our last vacation trip to Northern California, we were driving back across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. When we were right in the middle of the bridge, John Lee Hooker came on the radio. He was singing:

I got the blues for San Francisco
Yes, yes, yes, yes

My heart is there, high, on the hill,
right down by, the Golden Gate, 'cross the bay,
that's where I wanna be
I left my heart right there, in San Francisco
with the mornin' fog and the cool, cool night, the cable cars, on the hill
That's where I wanna be people,
my heart is there, my heart is there, in San Francisco

I got teary-eyed. On our next trip, we met with two realtors; and on our next trip, we moved here. Believe it or not (I can't–but it's true), we see some great views of the bridge when we walk on the Coastal Trail. This is what it looked like this evening.

John Lee Hooker passed away peacefully in his sleep in the morning of June 21, 2001 at his home in the San Francisco Bay area, at the age of 83.