Friday, March 31, 2006

Something in the Air

Maizy, Hair Mistress
at the Den of Exotic Beauty, writes:

Something must be in the air. I bought these a few weeks ago at a feed store
in Eugene, Oregon. I had to 'cause I had no farm shoes, and the folks in Cottage Grove laughed at my footwear. Well now they laugh harder, but I don't have to get horse shit on my city shoes.

It's plain to see why they were on the sale table. What the hell was the buyer thinking? Do these look like Oregon cowboy boots? They are sort of cowboy meets gay disco meets hip-hop meets Doc Martin's.

to Maizy
Have you ever sung "These boots are made for walking" when you wear your boots? Be honest.
Did buying them make you happy?

from Maizy
I was singing "Rhinestone Cowboy" and "I Will Survive", and "Anarchy In the U.K."! I didn't want to sing a hip-hop song.

People were kinda snickering and I felt proud to have goofy looking gay purple hip-hop cowboy boots. They were warm.
I don't ever plan to wear them in my city life. They are to be used strictly for mucking about on my friends farm in Oregon.

Last time I was having a beauty treatment at the D. of E. B., I asked Maizy where I could buy girls' shoes in San Francisco. She looked at me like I was an idiot and shouted, "You can't buy GIRLS' SHOES in SAN FRANCISCO! You have to go to NEW YORK to buy GIRLS' shoes!" Then she ran out of the den and down the hall. She burst back in with an armload of shoes from her last trip to New York. Skinny straps, 5-inch heels, shiny orange soles...