Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Katy started it.

I have a friend named Katy, and whatever she does, I try to copy. She bought a little pocket camera, and I had to buy a little pocket camera of the same model. She read all of Walker Percy's books, so I had to read all of Walker Percy's books. She makes martinis, so I had to learn how to make martinis. Here's her email to me about the $3.00 pair of boots she bought, purchased, oddly, just a few days before I bought mine:

Magic Boots
The $3 cowboy boots I found at a good samaritan thrift store today may have inspired me. After I bought them and wore them (I changed into them in the truck before driving home) and did some yard work (in a different pair of boots) I was able to go out and buy the compact refrigerator I wanted. Why compact? Because I don't know where I want the kitchen and I want to be able to move the midge fridge around.
The woman at the thrift store said she'd just put the boots out. I said it was meant to be. They're in good shape and even fit. My first pair of cowboy boots ever.
I'm just back from the grocery store with a few items for my frigidaire. The ice tray that came with it (12 little cubes) was already frozen by the time I got home. Now I'm really living. My first refrigerator ever. I didn't even have to click my heels three times. I wore them to the grocery of course.