Thursday, December 09, 2010

Time to Turn Around


mary ann said...

Lovely sunset. Sorry I missed you dashing around and through the velvet ropes at the DY. Sounds like you had a good time, though.

booda baby said...

How cool is that, that the sunset gets reflected? Have you been to Venice?

Barbara said...

Look at the footsteps!

Linda said...

Mary Ann, I ran out into the gift shop looking for you, then realized I couldn't get back in!

Booda, No, I haven't been to Venice. Would I like it?

Barbara! Spooky!

booda baby said...

Yes, you would. It's only right to admit that it's not my favorite place and I've gone back numerous times just to be fair and all that. BUT. What it's got good is great. (I'm almost sure that could have been said much more lyrically. :\)

I think you'd like it for the art. Peggy Guggenheim's villa is my favorite museum in the whoooooole world and there are some serious contenders. Mostly, though, I think you'd like it for the much oooohed about light. All that water reflects up and does wonder-making things. You see reflections and light so well, at just the right moments.

On the other hand, the food's just okay.