Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Kiss and a Hug

I bought a bag full of these charms last Thursday night ON SALE. God!!
I can't get enough of the macro setting on my camera. When I'm pushing the button down halfway to get the image in focus–and I'm seeing the image come into focus–it's like taking a bite of gooey triple-layer fudge cake. The charms are actually about half the size that they appear in the photo.


stray said...

is this the camera from larry?

mari said...

Macro is fun. Especially when you take pictures. Those charms are adorable! Where'd you get them?

Sally said...

yes, tell us which camera this is.

Namowal said...

I wish my camera had a micro setting.
The details and textures are fascinating.

Cheryl said...

I love your macro pics! These charms are so cool! I haven't had much luck with the macro setting on my Pentax. Your Canon takes great pics!

'tude said...

You're an expert on this macro shot, Linda. They came out nice, crisp, and clear (mmm ... that sounds more like krupuk rather than 3xlayer fudge cake :)

Linda said...

Stray: No. It's my point and shoot. (Canon SD750). The reason I started shooting close up is because I can't focus far away with good camera. When Larry comes to visit, he's promised to give me a camera lesson.

Mari: Thanks!! At the Cal Pacific Medical Ctr. library (where I take a class). I think they send stuff over from the hospital gift shop across the street that doesn't sell. I saw the charms 2 weeks ago and coveted them. Then, last week, everything on the shelf was 75% off. I could hardly concentrate in class because all I wanted to do was buy the charms before anyone else did. I bought 60 for 20 cents apiece and made my teacher take the money, since there's no one working there in the evenings. I left 3 because I didn't want to appear selfish, but I might buy those this Thursday if they're still there.

Sally and Namo: Pocket camera lesson of the day: Most of these little cameras have a closeup setting. Mine has 2 different modes: Mountain mode (far-away setting) and Tulip mode (close-up setting). If yours has anything that looks like a tulip, push that.

Cheryl: Try it again...wish you lived closer and we could shoot tiny things together!

'tude: Oh thank you, 'tude.

hmmmm...could be. (Had to google krupuk: great chips with a tasty shrimp flavor)

Michael said...

Love the hug and kiss charms. Where did you get them?