Sunday, November 19, 2006

Conservatory of Flowers 5K

me, Tom, and fast Emmy

To prepare for this morning's race, I carbo-loaded last night at Running With Scissors (large popcorn). When I got home, I force-fed myself a big bowl of spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce and made myself drink a Corona. My time this morning was 29 minutes and some seconds. Emmy beat me. I just don't understand that.

Notes to Myself:
-Get a new running outfit because all the photos are starting to look the same.
-Make Tom carry the camera next time.
-Download better running music ... "If Loving You Is Wrong" by Cassandra Wilson isn't peppy enough.


Nina said...

Bach's "Mass in B Minor" isn't the greatest thing to run to, either. Just for your information, in case you were considering it. :)

Congrats on your time! I'm trying to talk Dan into going to a Thanksgiving 5K with me Thursday. He doesn't want to because he doesn't want to have to wake up at 7 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day and drive 40 minutes, just so he can watch me run. What's wrong with him, anyway?

Conservatory of Flowers ... I bet it was a scenic run!

Anonymous said...

Good work with the running, Linda. I have become such a fan of your exceedingly clever artwork!
mary ann

platitudinal said...

•I know I ought to feel sorry for you to be forced to eat, instead, I am envious.
•Regarding Emmy … I have a suspiscion that it must be because of the camera. It weighed you down and slowed you considerably. She had an upperhand! Yes, make Tom carry the camera next time.
•I don’t notice your similar running outfit, but I do notice your hat (& Tom’s too). {cheeky grin}
•Do you get all zestful and vigorous when you hear strong, fast paced rhythm? Do you like taiko or any other drum ensemble?

linda said...

Waterfall: thank you!
But Dan can do the race too–Tom walks the races. Then you can eat all the mashed potatoes you want.

Aw, thanks, Mary Ann.

'Tude: You know, music really helps. But it has to have a rhythm that matches your running, (remember the treadmill video?) I listened to a couple of clips of taiko...Fun!